Pipe Relining Gold Coast

Long lasting drain relining services

Reline Solutions are the specialists in pipe relining on the Gold Coast. We use only the latest and very best technology to navigate your sewer or drain, without the hassle of digging, and to then identify and fix any problems with minimum disturbance to your property.

Our specialist services are available throughout the Gold Coast; from Tweed Heads to Beenleigh, and all suburbs in between.

Pipe Relining Gold Coast
Suffering from frequently blocked drains?

We can provide a long term solution to all your pipe, drain, and sewer problems.

Fix Your Drain Problems Permanently

We have all your pipe relining needs covered on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, and the Sunshine Coast.

What is pipe or drain relining?

Pipe or drain relining is used when an existing pipe develops a leak or crack. This is most commonly caused by tree roots growing through small cracks to gain access to water and may cause a blocked drain. In most cases, a plumber will remove the roots and any other obstruction with an eel or water jet, however, the crack remains and the roots will continue to grow back.

We can locate and repair the cracks with trenchless pipe lining. The process we use will fix the broken section without the need to dig up and completely replace the pipe. This will save you time, money and the inconvenience of having areas around your home or business excavated.

After clearing the pipe with water jetting or robotic cutting, the area will be repaired by inserting a long-lasting pipe lining. With the pipe relining in place the drain will often be structurally stronger than the original.

When can you use it?

Providing the existing pipe is structurally sound, with only cracks or leaks, we can fix it with a drain lining. In the past, if there were any leaks or cracks in your sewer or drain pipe, a plumber would have to dig it up to either repair or replace it.

However, this is a major operation, particularly when the pipes travel under a permanent or even semi-permanent structure, such as a driveway, footpath, garage or building. The process would involve removing or jackhammering through the structure to gain access to the pipe, replacing the cracked piece then rebuilding the structure. The whole process was costly, time-consuming and often a huge disruption.

Quality, long-lasting pipe lining

Not all pipe relining solutions are the same, there are many products on the market that do not have a long lasting design life engineered into them. Our team use an independently tested German engineered pipe lining product which offers a 50-year solution to your drainage problems.

Your local pipe relining specialist on the Gold Coast

When you have a constantly blocked, cracked or leaking pipe or drain on the Gold Coast contact our team for long lasting repairs on 0403 355 550, or simply complete our pipe relining quote form and we'll contact you.

We also offer a range of drain repair, clearing, and inspection services on the Gold Coast including:

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