Clearing Blocked Drains

Remove blockages caused by the problem

Typically blocked drains are caused by something more sinister like a chipping of the inside of the pipe or even more extreme like a tree root intrusion. Our team are experts at being able to remove even the most stubborn of blockages from any length of pipe.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Unblocking the Blocked Drain

Once we have diagnosed exactly what is causing your blocked drain we are then able to take the steps in order to unblock it. This will typically require specialised tools which all of our vehicles are equiped with.

From drain snakes (augers) and rotary cutters to high powered water jetters. We are able to remove any and all blockages from your drains with ease.

Water Jetting Brisbane

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

There is normally only 5 reasons why you will be suffering from a blocked drain. You may be lucky and only be experiencing one of these but there are cases were people may experience more than one.

  • Tree Roots: Tree roots are one of the worst causes for blocked drains as they only require a hair line crack in order to penetrate the pipe and start growing.
  • Foreign Objects: This is the most typical blocked drain. It is normally a build of of excessive toilet paper as well as an accumulation of things that shouldn't be or put down the drain. This can include:
    • Food Scraps
    • Soap Scum
    • Oils
    • Baby Wipes
    • Hair
    • Fish
    • Toys
    • Other miscellaneous items
  • Misalignment / Breakages: This normally happens due to improper installation or if the pipes used were not meant to be used underground. When pipes are broken or misaligned, solids with in the waste water can become stuck and cause a blockage.
  • Pipe Collapse: This is quite rare but is more susceptible to happen to an older style homes due to older pipes and earth movement over years of being buried. There are occasions where pipes have collapsed from heavy machinery or objects being on area with drainage underneath.
  • Soil Settlement Pipes work using gravity by being slightly sloped the water travels down the pipe however sometimes due to ground movement or poor installation there is no slop or even worse a negative slope. Both of the latter will cause your drains to block up.

Book a Blocked Drain Specialist

If you've just found out that you have a blocked drain then get in contact with our staff today on 0403 355 550 or alternatively you can fill in our online quote form and one of our staff will get be in contact with you in regards to your query.

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