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Pre and Post Construction CCTV sewer inspection

Reline Solutions are professional certified CCTV operators able to undertake comprehensive CCTV sewer inspections in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast areas.

Our equipment is state of the art and will deliver a detailed report of the adjacent and underlying sewer before and after construction as per local council 'Build over Sewer' or 'Pre and Post Construction' requirements.

Large Crawler Drain Camera
Complete drain inspection services

We use a range of drain cameras suitable for all pipe diameters to offer complete CCTV sewer inspection services.

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We have all your plumbing inspection needs covered in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.


A complete CCTV drain inspection will provide a detailed record of the condition of the drains or sewer pipes. Clearly identifying any issues, cracks, blockages or faults as well as their specific location.

Our drain camera can be carefully manipulated via a surface controller to precisely document trouble or at risk areas.

CCTV camera sewer pipe inspection

Your local council may request a sewer pipe CCTV camera inspection during the building approval process for:

  • building over council's sewerage infrastructure
  • interfering with access to council's sewerage infrastructure
  • increasing or reducing the cover over council's sewerage infrastructure
  • changing the surface of the land in a way causing ponding of water over an access chamber for council's sewerage infrastructure.

The CCTV inspection will detect any faults, breakages, or notable weak points in the sewer line. As well as features of interest such as property connections.

When do I need a build over sewer application?

CCTV inspection report

The CCTV survey report will contain:

  • description of the location
  • name of builder/developer
  • date and time of inspection
  • operators expert observations
  • a video record of the inspection
  • photo's of any detected faults or features of interest
  • records of conduit length and chainages of defects and features.
  • detailed operators report

The survey is usually done once construction is complete to ensure no damage or alteration occurred to the drainage and sewer systems in the area. The post construction CCTV inspection will include all of the above.

Your survey will be recorded in easy to see colour video in standard Wincan8 format. You will be issued with a DVD copy of the inspection as well as the written report.

Reline Solutions Build Over Sewer Survey

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