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What is pipe relining

What is pipe relining

Pipe relining is a cheaper and more effective way to fix broken and damaged pipes. Traditional methods included the digging and dismantling of walls, yards and concrete slabs in order to replace the broken or damage pipe completely. Pipe relining does exactly as it states, relines the inside of the pipe making it structurally sound again. All without having to dig up floors or slabs. Although pipe relining has been around for over 10 years it is still largely unknown as an alternative to pipe replacement.

Who can do pipe relining?

Specifically plumbers are the only trade that can perform pipe relining. Additional training is carried out by the plumber and specialised equipment is used in order to do the pipe relining process. Some plumbers will have a specially fitted out van or truck specifically for pipe relining.

As pipe relining is quite a niche specialisation not all plumbers will offer this service and will instead refer you to a pipe relining specialist.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

Traditional pipe replacement can be extremely expensive and time consuming, causing all kinds of additional expenses depending on where the pipe needs to be replaced. With pipe relining the price is much cheaper as there is no need to dig up anything. In most cases you can have a pipe relined within a day, especially when using heat treated pipe reliners. Pipe relining can have an additional lifetime guarantee of up to 50 years depending on the product that your pipe relining specialist uses.

Disadvantages of Pipe Relining

There is only one disadvantage to pipe relining and that is that it isn't always possible to perform. Really badly damaged pipes from either being crushed or have had servere tree root intrusion damage are unable to be pipe relined. This is due to the large holes left by the tree root and the smaller space left within a crushed pipe. As the pipe relining material requires an interior surface to cling to, if there is bigger holes this cannot be done. However, on pipes with smaller holes it is possible to patch over utilising the pipe relining process.

Pipe Relining Products

One of the leading brands in pipe relining technology is called Brawoliner. This is a german based company that provides the tools and material in order to perform pipe relining. Some of the products and equipment are:

Brawoliner Liner


Brawoliner Resin


Brawoliner Cured Resin

Cured Resin

Brawoliner Impregnator Machine


Brawoliner Inversion Drum

Inversion Drum

Brawoliner Steam Box

Steam Box

Pipe Relining Process

  • Pipe Inspection - A drain camera is inserted into the pipe to look for blockage or other reasons for the pipe to cease working.
  • Clearing the Drain - Once the blockage has been discovered it is then removed using either robotic cutters such as argurs or water jetters.
  • Secondary Inspection - This inspection is to check to make sure that there is no debris left within the pipe and that it is ready for relining.
  • Preparing Relining - Using the impregnator table the liner is then filled with the resin and then evenly distributed throughout the liner.
  • Reline Insertion - The inversion drum is then filled and inserted into the end of the pipe and pushed through the pipe using air pressure.
  • Pipe Curing - A special UV light or steam box is used to help cure the newly lined pipe faster. This can take afew hours to fully cure.
  • Cut Juntions - Once the reline has fully cured all of the connecting pipes and junctions can be cut out of the cured resin allowing connection between the pipes.
  • Pipe Inspection - A final check of the pipe is then carried out to ensure that the new reline has fully covered the existing problem and there are no leaks.

For a more indepth process visit our pipe relining process page.

More Information

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