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Drain relining with (GFRP) Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic UV Pipe Lining

Confused? Don't be. It's just a fancy name for a pipe lining made from a form of fibreglass that is cured using UV lights. What you need to know is that it's perfect for large pipe and sewer relining to give you a pipe as good as new; all without needing to dig it up.

Drain Camera for large pipe relining
Got a crack in a large drain?

Our team can provide long lasting solutions for cracks, breaks or damage in large pipes or drains.

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How does GFRP pipe relining work?

Reline Solutions uses the internationally recognised 'Alphaliner' for all pipe relining of large pipes (eg. sewer pipes). This is a Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP). This uses a specially designed pipe lining made from ECR Glass Fibre that is impregnated with a resin (either polyester or vinyl ester depending on the usage). This pipe lining is pulled into place through the pipe and once in place, a special UV lighting rig is put into the pipe to cure the pipe lining to full hardness.

Lare Pipe Relining with Alphaliner
Alphaliner Process

Benefits of Alphaliner for pipe relining

  • Designed and engineered for large diameter pipes (perfect for sewer relining).
  • The structural pipe liner provides added strength to weakened pipes.
  • The pipe liner includes a thick, wear resistant, and chemical protective layer to maximise protection against chemicals and abrasion from flushing.
  • Engineered design life of 50 years (fully tested).
  • Trenchless Technology means no dig pipe relining.

Pipe reline project

Below is a video we did of a stormwater pipe relining in Moreton Bay, Brisbane:

When to use the Alphaliner system?

Tha Alphaliner pipe relining system is perfect for mains sewer relining and large stormwater drains. Specifically, it is best used for:

  • Large pipes between 150 mm and 1350 mm.
  • A straight section of pipes (mainlines) as it's not designed to go around bends.
  • Pipes that would benefit from additional structural support.
Large Pipe Relining
Large pipe relining project in Caloundra

Are all pipe relining solutions the same?

In a word NO. There are many pipe relining solutions available that haven't been fully tested and engineered for a guaranteed design life. Alphaliner has a 50-year design life, which has been fully tested independently; just ask us for the engineering specs.

Below is an image of a pipe we had to reline after a competitors' liner failed.

Failed Pipe Lining from a competitor
Competitors failed pipe lining

So if you need some large pipe relining (eg. sewer relining for mainlines), simply contact Jason on 0403 355 550 or complete our  quote request form to find out more.

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