Is pipe relining worth it?

Sewer pipe relining

Pipe relining is a modern method that plumbers use to fix broken pipes, especially pipes located below driveways or in areas that are difficult to reach. As this new way of fixing broken pipes has become more common, many pose the question; is pipe relining really worth it when compared to previously exercised pipe repair methods? This article will provide you with all of the information you need to know regarding pipe relining.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is when a drain specialist completely relines a sewer or drainage pipe with a high strength epoxy resin impregnated liner. After the damage has been identified and the pipe has been cleaned, the epoxy resin liner is inserted into the pipe in the form of an inflatable tube from an above ground access point.

Once the tube is fully inserted along the pipe, it is then inflated, causing the tube and liner to mould to the shape of the existing pipe, matching the shape of bends and filling cracks and holes simultaneously. The epoxy resin is then left to cure for a few hours, before the pipe can be used again. The durability of the resin will ensure that the pipe remains functional for many years to come (50+ in our case).

Pipe relining vs old school method

Before pipe relining, if a drainage pipe was damaged below a driveway, plumbers would first have to dig up the driveway to access the pipe before they were able to complete any repairs or replacements. The cost and time involved with just the demolition would be significantly higher than relining an entire drainage pipe. This traditional method would often require pipes with moderate to severe damage to be replaced however, pipe relining enables plumbers to make use of the pre-existing piping, whilst also providing the same results as a brand new pipe would, but without any replacement.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

After completing a comparison between pipe relining and traditional pipe fix methods, there are a number of obvious benefits to choosing pipe relining, including:

  • Cost effective.
  • Time efficient.
  • No dig pipe repair → no demolition.
  • Minimal resources required to complete the job.
  • Durable repair.
  • Existing pipes are utilised, not thrown out and replaced.
  • Less waste into landfill.
  • Complete within a few hours, depending on the size of the pipe.

Pipe relining can also be modified to better suit the repair. For example, if only a small section of a drain pipe is damaged, then pipe patching may be a more effective method. Pipe patching is essentially the same as pipe relining; however, only a selected section of the pipe is relined, minimising the cost and cure time of the repair.

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