Pipe Relining vs Pipe Repair

We know, we know…. The thought of fixing the piping in your home isn’t exactly the most exciting and wonderful topic you can think of. But, when you think about it, you really do take household plumbing for granted until it doesn’t work like it should. Then it turns into a giant disruption and a right pain that needs attention straight away.

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We get it, we do. It’s not really something you want to deal with until it actually happens and, even then, you wish it would just fix itself. But, what should you do when your home has damaged pipes or a blocked drain - what are your options? Should you just have the pipe replaced? Are there even any other options available? A lot of people don’t even realise that there are other available choices when it comes to problematic pipes, with the main one known as pipe relining. So, we thought we would put a little bit of information together around pipe relining, pipe repairs and the good and bad for them both. If you have any further questions, feel free to give Reline Solutions a call on 0403 355 550 today.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a process where a pipe lining is placed on the inside of an existing pipe to fix any leaks or cracks, and smooth uneven surfaces. Check out What is Pipe Relining for a little more information.

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

The pros of pipe relining clearly outweigh the cons, however take a look for yourself below.

Advantages of pipe relining

There are quite a few advantages to pipe relining, including :

  • Cost : Pipe relining is generally less expensive than a majority of repair options
  • Time : Pipe relining takes less time than a majority of repair options
  • Convenience : Pipe relining is a very convenient method, as it offers very little disruption and can be completed quite quickly
  • Damage : The damage caused by pipe relining methods is minimal in comparison to the majority of repair options
  • Access : Only a single access hole needs to be dug, around a metre square
  • Durable : Pipes that are relined are generally more durable than repaired pipes - some relining can last up to 50 years without needing touch-ups
  • Materials : The relining tubing is less expensive than new piping, and usually has a long warranty period (some have up to 50 years!)
  • Prevention : Pipe relining isn’t just a fix for a symptom - it is a prevention mechanism to assist in ensuring less piping and drainage issues for your home
  • Tree roots : Because the relining tubing is seamless and helps prevent condensation on the outside of pipes, this helps prevent tree roots damaging and finding their way into your home’s pipes
  • Follow-up : Due to the nature of the process, no follow-up works are required

Disadvantages of pipe relining

The disadvantages of pipe relining are pretty few and far between, with the big one being that it is not always possible. If a pipe has been crushed in some way or severely damaged by tree roots, the pipe lining will not have any internal substance to cling to so it is unable to be used. If this is the case, a full replacement of the pipes is the likely solution.

Pipe Repair

On the other hand, pipe repairs have a more balanced pros to cons outlook.


A few of the advantages of pipe repair include :

  • Small scale : Sometimes, it is a lot more economical to complete a small repair as opposed to relining the whole pipe
  • Damage : A lot of repair systems these days are trenchless, meaning less damage to the surrounding areas when completing a job
  • Time : Although pipe repair isn’t generally as quick as pipe relining, it is still a relatively speedy procedure


A few disadvantages of pipe repair include :

  • Cost : Pipe repairs can get very expensive, very quickly depending on the extent of damage to the pipe
  • Durable : A lot of repairs aren’t necessarily long term solutions, instead offering a short term fix
  • Prevention : Pipe repairs are not a preventative measure, they just repair the symptom a pipe is showing
  • Replacement : A lot of repairs can turn into full pipe replacement very quickly, which is both costly and time consuming
  • Tree roots : Pipe repairs do not stop tree roots from making their way back into a pipe - they merely complete the current repairs needed

Should you repair a pipe or have it relined?

If you are looking at long-term preventative and repair measures, than pipe relining is the best option compared to pipe repairs. Having the pipes in your home relined offers both a repair and then a longer-term method to help lessen piping issues such as cracked pipes and blocked drains.

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