What does inversion pipe relining mean?

When the piping in your home has a leak or is damaged, it is both a messy and frustrating scenario. Additionally, if the pipes in your business are ageing they are more prone to problems and issues... which is where pipe relining steps in. Pipe relining is a great concept for positively assisting plumbing in residential, commercial and industrial settings, through the introduction of a 'lining' within a pipe without digging up your yard.

Inversion Pipe Relining

Relining is a good system for a huge range of circumstances, which is why we have put together some information to help you learn a little more about this great technology. In particular, we have focused on inversion pipe relining, which is a major pipe relining style available. If you have any questions regarding inversion pipe relining, give Reline Solutions a call on 0403 355 550 and we would be happy to answer your queries.

What is inversion pipe relining?

Inversion pipe relining is the process of placing a lining in piping that is damaged or ageing to increase its life, patch damage and make it more resistant to chemicals.

Pipe Relining

What is the inversion pipe relining process?

The inversion pipe relining process involves impregnating a flexible pipe lining with specially formulated resin, which is then pushed into the pipe using compressed air. As a part of this process, the pipe liner is 'inverted' which is why it is called 'inversion' pipe relining. This inversion puts the resin on the outside, in between the pipe lining and the actual pipe itself. The use of compressed air ensures the relining follows all the contours of the pipes, as well as keeping it in the one spot while it bonds to the walls. It is then cured either by leaving it for a period of time or by adding hot water to speed up the process.

Here is a short animation explaining the Brawoliner Inversion Pipe Relining process which is utilised by Reline Solutions:

What are the benefits of inversion pipe relining?

There are a range of advantages when it comes to the inversion pipe relining process, including:

  • Designed to last long-term - for example, Brawoliner is crafted to last 50 years.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion, abrasions and chemicals.
  • Can handle various changes in piping, such as bending and alterations in pipe diameter.
  • Due to this trenchless technology, there is no need to dig!
  • Can be used for residential, commercial and industrial piping.

What kind of pipes can inversion pipe relining be used on?

Inversion pipe relining can not be used on every kind and size of piping. The pipes that it is most suited to are:

  • Small to medium drain pipes (around 40mm to 225mm).
  • Small to medium sewer pipes (around 40mm to 225mm).
  • Drain and sewer relining that involves diameter changes, bend and junction boxes etc.

Inversion pipe relining is most commonly used in a domestic, commercial and industrial setting for drain and sewer pipes.

Inversion pipe relining - Before and After

This video shows the before and after of a pipe that has been relined using the inversion pipe relining process:

Your Inversion Pipe Relining Specialists

If you have any questions regarding the inversion pipe relining process, or would like to speak to one of our friendly team members regarding a project that you need assistance with, give Reline Solutions a call today on 0403 355 550. We are the experts when it comes to pipe relining, so get in contact now!


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