What is a Robotic Cutter?

When it comes to unblocking drains, there are plenty of options to choose from. There's the traditional plunger, a water jetter and even an electric eel... but what do you do if the blockage is too hard for these to successfully work? Intrusions that are made of concrete, steel or a really solid tree root may need something a little extra, and even failed pipe lining that needs removing sometimes needs something stronger.

Blocked Drain 

Some plumbers would choose to dig up the drain and remove the blockage, then repair it. But, what happens if it can't be dug up, or you don't want your yard damaged by the work? Enter a robotic cutter!

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What is a robotic cutter?

A robotic cutter is a cutting head that is located on the end of an air pipe that is spun by compressed air. The cutting head is sent down a blocked drain to the blockage where it will grind it away. The cutting head spins at a really high speed, meaning it can cut through almost anything.

What is a robotic cutter used for?

A robotic cutter, in the case of plumbing, is used to cut away blockages in drains and remove pipe lining.

Two different robotic cutters available include:

  1. DanCutter Robotic Cutter which is designed for pipes that are 70-150mm in diameter. It is suited to a majority of domestic stormwater and sewer pipes and is controlled by a controller that can rotate as well as lift the cutting head to give precision cutting. This option is also used to assist with cutting junctions when completing a pipe relining job.
  2. Ka-Te Robotic Cutter which is designed for pipes that are 150-1050mm in diameter. It is suited to larger pipes, such as sewer and stormwater drains, and the cutting head is attached to a crawler which is operated from a surface controller and driven down to the blockage.
Reline Solutions use both the DanCutter and Ka-Te robotic cutters!

Why use a robotic cutter?

A robotic cutter is a great alternative to digging up your yard, offering a pipe relining and blocked drain solution without the damage and mess that results from other traditional methods. It also offers a practical option for tricky, solid blockages that are unable to be removed using any other method.

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