Why it’s a good idea to get a plumbing inspection

Everyone knows it’s smart to get a plumbing inspection on a property you are looking to buy but did you know getting a plumbing inspection on your own home every few years is a great idea too.

Plumbing and drain inspections are a fantastic tool for homeowners as they can reduce the likelihood of expensive emergency repairs as well as catching small problems in the drains and pipes before they become large issues. These inspections also provide a professional review of your plumbing systems, often pinpointing issues you probably wouldn’t notice.

Plumbing Inspection

Prevention is definitely better than a cure when it comes to your home plumbing systems. The efficient removal of wastewater from your home is essential for good hygiene and a well-functioning plumbing system. No one wants sewage, greywater, or stormwater to hang around their homes for longer than necessary.

A professional plumbing inspection can uncover many problems such as:

Any preventative maintenance, such as drain repairs, carried out during dry periods of the year reduces the risk of flooding when the rain starts in the winter (or summer depending on where you are in Australia) or the plumbing systems are under heavy use.

Our team recommend getting a professional inspection every 5 to 7 years or more frequently for older homes over 20 years old.

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