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We appreciate that when you are in business you need to prevent anything that may impact negatively on your operations. Unfortunately, blocked drains are one of the things which can bring a business to a standstill; or at the very least impact on your operations. We can provide long lasting repairs for blocked drains with the minimum disruption to your operations thanks to our trenchless technology, and also perform regular plumbing inspections to identify and prevent potential issues in the future.

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Whereas other plumbers may be able to fix you blocked drains and offer some pipe relining or patching, at Reline Solutions we specialise in this. We don't offer standard plumbing services (like fixing dripping taps etc) but are experts in all aspects of drain repairs. We have invested in all the latest trenchless technology to allow our team to unblock drains and reline pipes to prevent future issues; without having to dig up your property.

Some of the drain solutions we offer are:

Why use pipe relining?

When a plumber unblocks a blocked drain with a waters jetter (or plumbers eel) and then does nothing else, they aren't really fixing the problem. All they have done is fix the symptom. A drain generally becomes blocked when there is something wrong with the pipe. This could be a cracked pipe with root intrusion or a damaged pipe lining that causes solid materials (eg. toilet paper or commercial waste) to become stuck to it.

Our team can unblock the drain using a high flow water jetter or robotic cutter (which won't cause damage to the pipe), and more importantly, we can thoroughly inspect the pipe using a drain camera to find the exact cause of the problem. We can then repair any damaged sections of pipe with pipe patching or pipe relining.

Did we mention that we can do all of this without extensive digging up of your property? Yes, we can.

Commercial Pipe Relining Project
Commercial pipe repair project in Oxley, Brisbane
We offer complete drain repair solutions for a huge range of businesses including:
  • restaurants
  • retail businesses
  • hotels
  • motels
  • hospitals and medical centres
  • shopping centres
  • cinemas
  • schools
  • aged care residences
  • childcare centres
  • supermarkets and more.

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