Blocked Drains Process

How we fix blocked drains

When you have blocked drains, the actual blockage is usually a symptom of another underlying problem. This problem could be tree roots getting into a crack in your drain; a rough inner lining that causes solid matter to become stuck (eg. toilet paper); or maybe a squashed or damaged pipe from ground movement etc.

In these cases, using home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar or draino just won't cut it. Even a plumbers eel or water jetter, isn't going to fix the underlying problem either and there is a good chance you'll have another blocked drain in the near future as a result. This is where Reline Solutions comes in.

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The correct way to fix clogged drains

Below we have compiled the steps that we use to properly fix a blocked drain (without digging up your property). We do it this way so it doesn't become blocked again in the future. By having your blocked drains repair in this way fixes the problem at the source as well as clearing the symptoms it causes.

Inspect Blocked Drain with Drain Camera
Damaged Pipe Inspection

Inspect with a drain camera

Firstly we send down one of our drain cameras to get live video on what the pipe looks like.

This is done to find out exactly what is causing the blockage, where the blockage is located within the pipe as well as the size of the blockage. After the blockage has been diagnosed the correct tools for the job and be selected.

Remove Drain Blockage with Robotic Cutter
Robotic Cutter to clear Blockage

Clear the blocked drain

In most cases, this is achieved with a water jetter. We don't recommend using a plumbers eel as it can cause damage to the lining inside the pipe, which will lead to future problems. We use a purpose built, high flow water jetter as these give the best results.

If the blocked drain is caused by something more solid, we can use one of our robotic cutters. These have high-speed cutting heads and can cut through pretty much anything, including large tree roots, steel or concrete.

Check Blocked Drain is fixed
Check Blocked Drain is Cleared

Check drain is cleared

Just because the drain now appears to be running freely doesn't mean it's fixed. We may have just opened up the restriction a bit. To make sure we need to send down one of our drain cameras to ensure it has been cleared fully.

We also check to see what caused the blockage in the beginning and decide on the best course of action to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Relined Pipe
Completed Pipe Relining

Reline any damaged pipe

If we identify any damaged pipe, we will need to reline it with a new lining so it as good as new. The consequences of not relining a broken pipe is ultimately just delaying the inevitable from happening again. For instance, if the blockage was caused by tree roots growing through a crack in the pipe; not repairing the crack will only allow it to happen again as the root continues to grow back into the pipe.

Read more on the Pipe Relining Process.

Did we mention we can unblock and repair drains without digging?

When you have a blocked drain do you want a normal plumber that fixes all plumbing issues or do you want a blocked drains specialist. Our team do nothing but blocked drains. So if you have a blocked drain, don't just get a plumber with a plumbers eel, get a blocked drain specialist from us who specialises in nothing but the unblocking and repair of drains. Simply contact us on 0403 355 550 or fill in an online booking form to find out how we can help you. If you want to fix the problem not the symptom then we're your solution.

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