Drain Inspection

Locating And Diagnose The Source Problem

This is an integral part of the unblocking process. Through inspection of the blocked drain we can work out exactly what is causing the blockage then commence plans in order to fix it. Our team are experts at using both drain cameras and diagnostic tools in order to diagnose your blocked drain problem fast.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Blocked Drain Diagnosis

Not only will a pipe inspection help to diagnose the root source of your blocked drain it can also help to identify both current and future issues with your pipe. Some of these can include but are not limited to:

  • Cracked or Broken Drains
  • Tree Root Intrusiions
  • Squashed or Collapsed Pipes
  • Deterioration of Pipes
  • Foreign Objects Within the Pipe
  • Failed Pipe Lining
CCTV Drain Inspections to identify problems

Having the ability to see what and where a blockage is as well as the cause behind it can help greatly reduce the amount of time spent fixing the issue as well as keeping your pipes clearer for longer due to being able to fix the problem not the symptom.

Pipe Inspection Process

Before the inspection process starts our plumbers will first locate the best point of entry for the camera to be fed into. The closer to the blockage the better. Being able to see it from either side can also help but is not always feasible.

Once a suitable entry point has been located the drain camera is then fed down into the pipe. Whilst the camera is being fed further and further into the pipe the displays what it sees on a monitor so that our plumbers can make measurements as well as take notes of the blockage.

Drain Camera Inspection

Things that out plumbers are looking for is typically the overall condition of the inside of the pipe. The diameter as well as the size of the blockage and what the blockage consists of. These things can help us to work out the best method in order to remove the blockage.

There will be instances where the drain camera will be removed and an auger (drain snake) or water jetter will be placed down the drain to clear a better path for the camera to reach further into the pipe.

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