BLOCKED DRAINS: Fix The Problem, Not Just The Symptom

Reline Solutions are Pipe Relining and Drain Repair Specialists. We can help you with blocked drains, plumbing inspections, build over cctv survey reports, and pipe relining. As we are the leaders in "No Dig" drain repairs, we can do all this without digging up your property.

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Our No Dig Drainage Solutions

Sewer and stormwater drains are a critical part of any building and we often take them for granted until something happens to them. Unfortunately, when they become clogged, they can cause serious health risks as well as a real inconvenience. While most plumbers will come out and be able to clear the blocked drain, they don't do anything to ensure the blockage doesn't happen again. A blocked drain is an early warning sign of something more sinister. Our signature 3 step process not only clears the blocked drain it also fixes the problem at the source, stopping it from happening again in the future.

Stage 1 Pipe Inspection

Pipe Inspection

The first step in the process is a pipe inspection. This is where we send down a specially designed drain camera to help us identify where and what the blockage is. Once the problem has been diagnosed we can then formulate the most effective solution to fix the issue; all without having to dig your property.

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Stage 2 Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

The second step once the blockage has been diagnosed is to decide the best method in which to remove the blockage. Depending on the blockage we can use our high pressure water jetter to cut through debris and food waste or our robotic cutter for the more difficult blockages such as tree roots.

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Stage 3 Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

The third and final step is to ensure your pipes don't get blocked again by having pipe relining. Once the blockage is cleared and the drain is flowing properly again you can have your pipe relined which gives eliminates any splits or cracks leaving your pipes twice as strong as they used to be.

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Why use a Blocked Drain Expert?

The Reline Solutions team has been operating in the south east QLD region for almost a decade and now operates throughout the nation.

Widely regarded as one of the most experienced and successful operators in the country, Reline Solutions is the preferred choice for domestic and authority drain related issues, including; utility providers, hospitals, factories and infrastructure developers.

"There is no drain that we cannot repair and we stand by our work with the utmost pride"

The benefits of Pipe Relining

No Excavation

Little to no excavation.

Carbon Friendly

Carbon friendly - Green solution.

Cost Effective

Extremely cost effective.

Limited Noise

No noisy excavation equipment.

Little Inconvenience

Very little inconvenience to the customer.

Same Day Service

Normally a same day repair so you can have your bathroom back in operation ASAP.

Limited Disruption

Limited disruption (your driveway or bathroom, doesn't have to be torn apart to repair your drainage).

No road closures

No closing of roads, or footpaths, etc and no associated fees.

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    Blocked Drain Repaired

    We had a recurring blockage on our property for years. I had 3 quotes from plumbers to replace it which involved pulling up our entire driveway and pulling down part of a retaining wall to get to the pipe. It was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars and our home was going to be a construction zone for about 3 weeks. Reline Solutions saved me thousands and were in and out in 2 days with no disruption. I couldn't be happier

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    Pipe Relining for a Factory

    We couldn't shut down the factory floor as we run on shifts and it is in operation 24/7. The drains underneath were cactus and it was surcharging every 4-5 weeks. We were fearing the worst but Reline Solutions were in and out in half a day and everything was operational again. Its amazing!

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    Stormwater Pipe Relining

    We had a large quantity of concrete grout in our 100mm stormwater drainage in the airport link tunnel. The cost was in the millions to replace it conventionally. Reline Solutions robotically cut out the concrete and relined the services, returning it to its original state. They saved us millions and moved us closer to our practical completion date. We are really grateful.

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