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Reline Solutions is an experienced pipe relining company, we can carry out relining repairs for stormwater and sewer pipes and drains in Toowoomba; using our unique 'No Dig' trenchless technology. This enables our team to fix your leaking, cracked or crushed pipes without having to dig up your yard, driveway or garden. It is also perfect for repairing pipes which run underneath buildings.

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The drain relining process

A recurring blockage could mean your drain has a crack or break which is letting in tree roots, dirt or debris. Your plumber can only remove the blockage and provide short term solutions to the problem. Relining the drain or pipe with our system gives you 50 years plus of security.

Our team will carry out a CCTV inspection to uncover where the issue is and the extent of the damage to the pipe. This will also indicate any other intrusions and potential problems. A robotic cutter or water jetting can be used to remove hazards and clean the drain ready for relining.

Measurements are taken so the lining can be cut to size. If we are using the Brawoliner system the pipe liner is then coated with the specially designed resin which will harden to provide the outer layer of the pipe. Alternatively, the GFRP UV pipe lining is already impregnated with the resin so it is simply cut to size.

Relined pipe
Relined pipe

Trenchless Pipe Lining

The liner is then placed into the drain either with an inversion drum (Brawoliner) or using cables and winches (GFRP UV) to maneuver into position. The curing process is then carried out to harden the lining and resin into the protective drain coating. This can be done by the use of hot water or in the case of the UV lining a special UV light is passed through the pipe to set the lining product.

The pipe is then re-inspected with the CCTV camera and tests are carried out to ensure the water tightness of the lining. Any junctions are then cut out with the use of the robotic cutter.

Find out more about how pipe relining is carried out here - Pipe Relining Process

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