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Reline Solutions are blocked drain specialists we don't do leaking taps or bathroom renovations but focus 100% on unblocking drains and sewers then repairing them so the problem doesn't occur again. Better still, we do all of this without having to dig up your property.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

We have all your blocked drain needs covered on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, and the Sunshine Coast.

Clearing blocked drains

We have invested heavily in the latest Trenchless (No Dig) technology for inspecting, unblocking and repairing blocked drains. Firstly we can inspect your pipes using a drain camera to work out exactly what the blockage is caused from. Once we have worked this out we will then decide on the best solution to clear away the blockage. This solution will be either (or a combination of) using a high-pressure water jetter or a robotic cutter.

A water jetter is great for removing built up debris like tree roots, sludge, hair etc from a pipe. Whereas a robotic cutter has a high-speed cutting head that can cut through pretty much anything.

Fix a blockage without digging

Reline Solutions solve many of the problems that fixing a blocked drain encountered in the past. That is, in many cases the majority of the cost and time was spent on removing and reinstating fixed structures to get to the pipe to repair. The fixed structures could be something simple like a path or driveway or more substantial like your house or business.

Stop the problem from re-occurring

Fixing blocked drains can often be more involved. If the blockage was caused by damaged pipes or root intrusion then there is a good chance that the problem will reoccur sometime in the future. To minimise this it is important that the affected pipe is repaired. In this case, Reline Solutions have the answer with our pipe relining technology. This is where we can insert a new super strong liner inside of the existing pipe in effect creating a new pipe.

Your local drain specialists on the Gold Coast

Reline Solutions are specialists when it comes to repairing blocked drains. Whilst we are based in Brisbane, we have completed hundreds of jobs on the Gold Coast. Call Jason on 0403 355 550 or complete our service request to see how we can help.

We can help with your blocked drains issues in Gold Coast.

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“We had a recurring blockage on our property for years. I had 3 quotes from plumbers to replace it which involved pulling up our entire driveway and pulling down part of a retaining wall to get to the pipe. It was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars and our home was going to be a construct...


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