Stage 3: Blocked Drain Prevention

Preventing future blocked drain problems

The third and final stage in the blocked drain process is pipe relining. For most plumbing companies once the blockage has been removed the job is deemed complete. However nothing is done to prevent future blockages from occuring, as a blocked drain is typically a symptom to a much larger problem. This problem is most commonly the inside of the pipe itself.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Common Drainage Problems

Over time and continual exposure to moisture and various debris the inside of your pipes can become brittle and start to flake. These flakes then catch solids traveling through the pipe and begin the blockage process.

Robotic Cutter in Pipe

The flakes inside the pipe can be removed using a robotic cutter (pictured above) which makes the internal surfaces of the pipe smooth again. However this will also not prevent the drain from blocking up later on as it is already flaking due to the walls being brittle and weak. There are various way to strengthen the inside of a pipe with the best and most cost effective being pipe relining.

Browlined Pipe Brisbane

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a process where the inside of your pipe is lined with a special resin which hardens twice as strong as the original pipe. It is a cheaper alternative to replacing the pipe and has a 50 year lifetime guarantee. It allows for smooth flow throughy the pipe and best of all it doesn't require and digging or heavy machinery.

This saves both time and money as well as giving you comfort that our drains won't become blocked anytime soon.

Benefits of Pipe Relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is taking over from traditional pipe replacement due to many reasons such as:

  • Price: It is much cheaper to have pipe relining performed than traditional pipe replacement. Costing on average 1/3 of the price of pipe replacement.
  • Trenchless: Due to pipe relining being able to be performed through an entry into the pipe above ground there is no need for digging. This is one of the major deciding factors for most people.
  • Time: A typical pipe reline is conducted within one day. After the lining is cured you can get back to using your taps and drains exactly the way you were prior to the blockage.
  • Toughness: A relined pipe will be the same if not stronger than replacing the entirety of pipe. This is due to the special resin used in the production of the liner.
  • Lifespan: The lifespan on a pipe reline is 50+ years on average. This paired with the other benefits listed above make pipe relining a more than acceptable alternative to pipe replacement.

By completing the third and final step in the blocked drain process you are removing any potential future problems for your drains to become blocked again.

More Information

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