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Reline Solutions was set up by Jason Whitcombe to specialise in 'no dig' technology for blocked drain and blocked sewer solutions. We have invested heavily in the latest technology to not only identify and remove blockages from pipes without the need to dig but to also to repair damaged pipes ensuring blockages don't reoccur in the future.

Reline Solutions use a range of applications including German engineered Brawoliner pipe rehabilitation systems. Brawoliner is the worldwide leader in pipe relining technology.

Trenchless pipe relining

Traditionally, fixing a damaged and blocked drain or sewer meant having to first identify where the damage was, either using guesswork or a drain camera and then digging a trench to replace that section of the pipe. This can lead to additional problems; especially when the pipe in question runs under fixed structures such as paths, driveways, or even buildings. Often the majority of time and cost for the job was spent in excavation and then dismantling and reinstating these structures.

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Our team specialises in long lasting drain and pipe repairs using top quality patching or relining applications.

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Modern trenchless technology allows our team to repair damaged pipes without needing to extensively dig up your property. We achieve this through pipe relining, which is essentially inserting a new hardwearing liner inside the defective section of pipe.

We believe that this technique will be used more and more in the near future as towns and cities establish more and more infrastructure.

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Latest trenchless technology for drains

Reline Solutions uses the latest equipment and processes in trenchless technology to ensure that we provide a top quality, long lasting result. The products used by our team offer an engineered design life of 50 years or more, offering our clients many years of peace of mind.

Our equipment includes CCTV drain cameras, inversion pipe relining systems, pressure testing systems, robotic cutters and water jetters for clearing blocked drains.

Pipe Relining TruckLarge Drain CameraWater Jetting Truck for unblocking drains
Drain Camera CableInversion Pipe ReliningRobotic Cutter for unblocking drains
Unblocking Drains the old fashioned wayPressure Tester to check pipe reliningRotating Drain Camera - Push Rod
Inversion Pipe Relining form inside buildingPressure Testing after Pipe ReliningSmall Robotic Cutter for unblocking drains
Drain Camera

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