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At Reline Solutions, we specialise in clearing blocked drains. We can locate the blockage, remove the source and prevent future blockages from occurring; all without digging up your yard. Services available throughout the Toowoomba area. Fix the problem, not just the symptom

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We have all your blocked drain needs covered in Toowoomba, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

Latest technology used for a blocked drain

We use the latest CCTV Drain Camera technology. By sending the camera through your pipes, we can determine the location of your drain blockage. Once we know the exact location, we then decide on the most appropriate solution for clearing the blockage. This is done in one of two ways:

Water Jetting for clearing blocked drains

Through the use of the CCTV camera, we can determine if the obstruction is a minor one, such as a tree root that has excess waste caught in it. If so, we can remove it with high-pressure water jetting, strong enough to cut through or remove the drain blockage, without damaging the pipes.

Robotic Cutting

If the CCTV camera shows us the drain blockage is too large for water jetting, then we can send down a robotic cutter. A robotic cutter is controlled remotely to manoeuvrer through the pipes. It has a high-speed cutting head that can be used to cut out the drain blockage or cut away any damaged sections of pipe, which can be removed and repaired.

Preventing a future drain blockage

First, we located the blockage, then cleared the blocked drain, finally, we want to make sure it won’t happen again. Most blocked drains are caused by tree roots that make their way through small cracks, these alone will cause a leak. However, they will also capture waste products going through the pipes and can cause a major blockage.

When this is the case, we suggest pipe relining, another one of our specialities. This is where we insert a specifically designed lining inside the pipe to reline it and repair any cracks, rather than digging up the pipe to replace it.

No more clogged drains

With one quick phone call to Reline Solutions, we can locate your drain blockage, remove the cause and even prevent any future blockages - all without digging up your property.

Your local drain repair specialists

When you need help clearing blocked drains in Toowoomba, call Jason for a full drain clearing and repair service on 0403 355 550 or complete our quote request form and one of our team will contact you.

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“We had a recurring blockage on our property for years. I had 3 quotes from plumbers to replace it which involved pulling up our entire driveway and pulling down part of a retaining wall to get to the pipe. It was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars and our home was going to be a construct...


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