Unblock Drains Brisbane

Need help with a clogged drain in Brisbane?

Reline Solutions are experts at unblocking drains without the need to dig up your property. We have invested heavily in the latest 'No Dig' Trenchless Technology plumbing, which allows us to not only clear blocked drains without digging, but more importantly repair them so you don't have repeat issues.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Identifying the problem

Drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons some of the common causes are:

Drain Camera inspectiing blocked drain
Inspecting blocked drain
  • Tree roots intruding into the pipe (generally through a crack)
  • Hair and other organic matter flushed down the drain
  • Grease and oil poured down the sink
  • Foreign objects such as sanitary products or even kids toys
  • Structural collapse in the pipe

We have even had instances where a drain has become blocked from concrete being accidentally poured down a stormwater drain.

Obviously, the different causes influence what the best solution will be. Something like hair and grease or tree roots and organic matter can most often be cleared using a water jetting or a plumbers eel. However, more solid blockages like large tree roots, concrete, steel, collapsed pipe etc need to be cleared using something more substantial; in this case, we use robotic cutters.

Fixing the blocked drain issue

Water Jetter

Water jetter for blocked drain
Water Jetter

A water jetting machine is essentially a high-pressure water pump that sends water down a pipe to a special sewer jetter nozzle. This pipe is pushed down the drain to where the blockage is and then turned on sending a high-pressure jet of water through the blockage. This will break up the blockage and leave the pipe nice and clean.

Like everything, there are different levels of water jetting equipment. Many plumbers have set themselves up with simple water jetters using standard high-pressure cleaner pumps with a sewer jetter nozzle at the end. These are fine for smaller blockages but will be ineffective to clear blocked drains that have a reasonable size blockage. They can also create too much pressure which can result in damaging the pipe lining; causing trouble in the future. Reline Solutions uses a high-pressure water jetting pump and attachments that have been designed specifically to clear blocked drains. This is a high flow water jetter that will remove large blockages whilst be low enough in pressure to not damage your pipe.

Of course, for larger, solid blockages and structural collapse, you will need something with a bit more grunt. This is where our robotic cutters come into their own.

Robotic Cutter

A robotic cutter is a high-speed grinding head that can be sent down a pipe and controlled remotely using a drain camera to see exactly what you are doing. These can either be operated using compressed air or hydraulically. They are capable of cutting through pretty much anything including concrete and steel.

Clearing blocked drain with a robotic cutter

Video showing one of our robotic cutters removing a competitors' old failed pipe lining.

If you are looking for someone to unblock drains and repair them without the need to dig up your property, Reline Solutions are the obvious choice. We have the full range of 'No Dig' technology; from drain cameras to full pipe relining solutions give Jason a call on 0403 355 550 or complete our quote request form today.

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