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Reline Solutions offer a full blocked drain and drain repair service throughout South East Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW. We can not only locate and identify the drain blockage and clear it, but we also fix it permanently so you don't have the same issue in 6 months time, in most cases without extensive digging.

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What causes Blocked Drains?

There are 2 main causes of blocked drains.

The most common cause of a clogged drain is due to plant roots getting into your pipe and thriving in the wet environment. These roots either become thick enough to cause the blockage themselves or more likely they trap solids coming down the drain until it becomes clogged.

The second cause is due to solids being flushed down your drain and becoming trapped. The common solid here is kitchen fat and grease but could be something accidentally flushed down your toilet. As pipes age, they can start to lose their smooth surface which allows waste water and solids to slip on by. The surface can become rough and as such solids (eg. toilet paper, grease etc) start to stick to the sides. This is particularly an issue with the older clay pipes.

Tree roots in blocked drain
Drain blocked with tree roots

The correct way to fix blocked drains

In most cases, using home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar or even draino just won't cut it. Using a plumbers eel or water jetter, isn't going to fix the underlying problem either and there is a good chance you'll have another blocked drain in the near future as a result. This is where Reline Solutions comes in.

Our blocked drains process will not only fix your drainage issue, it will also prevent future problems and blockages from happening again. Our process has been tested time and time again and continues to prove itself as the most effective way to prevent blocked drains.

Our blocked drains process is broken up into 3 simple stages, utilising state of the art drainage equipment we can ensure that your drains will remain clean and clear for years to come.

Stage 1: Clearing the blocked drain

Clearing a Blocked Drain

In most cases a blocked drain is able to be cleared by using just a water jetter. The purpose built, high flow water jetter is able to dislodge the majority of blockages with ease and zero damage done to the integrity of the drain.

If for whatever reason the blocked drain is unable to be cleared with a water jetter we can use our robotic cutters. This tool has a high-speed cutting head that can cut through pretty much anything, including large tree roots, steel or even concrete.

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Unblocking Blocked Drains
Clear the blocked drain

Stage 2: Drain inspection

Inspect Blocked Drain with Drain Camera

The second thing we need to do is find why the blockage occurred. We achieve this by feeding our drain camera down into your pipe. The camera gives us a live video which allows us to be able to maneuver the camera as needed to get around corners and get to the source of the issue.

This stage gives our plumber helpful information such as: where the damage is located within the pipe, the extent of the problem and also what the issue is.

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Inspect Blocked Drain with Drain Camera
Blocked Drain Inspection

Stage 3: Drain relining

Pipe Relining Brisbane

After the blockage has been removed and the pipe inspected it is time to prevent it from happening again. Drain or pipe relining allows you to reline the inside of your drain so that you have a smooth inner surface and a hard exterior surface stopping pesky treeroots from being able to penetrate through again.

The relining sock is inserted into your drain and then expanded to fill all holes, nooks or crannies that are in your existing pipe. Once expanded a special UV light is then inserted into the drain to help cure the new lining membrane. Once cured the relined section of pipe will be twice as strong as it was and will stop any blockages from happening in the near future.

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Display of relined pipe
Blocked Drain Relining

Your complete Blocked Drains Solution for South East Queensland & Northern Rivers NSW

Reline Solutions can locate and identify your drain blockage, fix the problem and then prevent future issues - all without digging up your property. We service the following regions:

So if you have an overflowing or slow draining issue and need help to unblock it; give Jason a call at 0403 355 550 or fill in a Blocked Drain Quote to book a service.

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  • Pipe Relining for a Factory


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