Blocked Drains Brisbane

Have a blocked drain in Brisbane?

Not only is a blocked drain annoying when water starts backing up into your property, but it is also a health risk. The most common cause of blocked drains is tree roots. Trees are extremely effective at seeking water and their roots can work their way into the smallest cracks in a pipe. Unfortunately, whilst the cracks may be small to start with if you don't get the tree roots removed quickly they will soon expand the cracks. So don't risk your health and suffer the inconvenience of a blocked drain. Reline Solutions are blocked drain specialists.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Blocked drain repair without digging

Reline Solutions have invested heavily in the latest in trenchless technology. This means that we can not only identify and unblock your blocked drain issue, but we can also repair the pipe so it doesn't happen again: all without having to dig up your property. Using a plumbers eel or water jetter to clear away a drain blockage is only treating the symptom. Unless you repair the damaged pipe (cracked, etched or course) you can expect another blocked drain sometime in the future.

Robotic Cutter for blocked drains brisbane
Blocked Drain with Tree Roots

We can reline your damaged pipe to make it as good as new. The pipe lining we use has an independently tested design life of 50 years, so you can rest assured you won't suffer from the same blocked drain anytime soon. Find out more about Pipe Relining.

Residential solutions

Whilst we have invested heavily in the latest trenchless drain technology that enables us to fix blocked drains over a metre in diameter, we can also look after the blocked drains around your home. In fact, we have specialist equipment for drains as small as 40mm in diameter.

Commercial and industrial solutions

At Reline Solutions we appreciate the importance of minimising any disruption to your business. As bad as it can be having a blocked drain, it can be even worse if you have to shut down to get it fixed. Not only do we use the latest trenchless technology so we can repair your blocked drains with no digging, but we will also work outside your trading hours for large projects.

More than just drain clearing in Brisbane

Reline Solutions are specialists in drains. Unlike other plumbers, we specialise in anything to do with drains. So as well as blocked drains, we also can help you with:

So no matter whether you have a blocked drain issue in your home or business, Reline Solutions can help. So for all your blocked drains problems in Brisbane, contact our team on 0403 355 550 or complete our service request today.

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