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Pipe Relining vs Pipe Replacement

Which solution is right for your pipe?

How do you fix a broken pipe which is buried under metres of compacted ground? Especially one which is situated in a hard to reach location like under a building, an established garden, or infrastructure such as driveways, roads or retaining walls. In the past there was only one option, to dig it up and replace the pipe, regardless of the situation. Thanks to modern advances in trenchless pipe relining you have another choice.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Trenchless pipe relining is a fast, innovative solution to this age-old problem presenting a cost-effective pipe repair option for difficult to access pipes. In many situations, pipe relining is the preferred method of pipe repair over the traditional excavate and replace system.

To help you decide which method is right for your pipe we've compared the two and put together a list of advantages of both methods.

Benefits of trenchless pipe relining

  • Cost savings -
    • pipe relining doesn't require large excavations which can reduce equipment costs and job duration
    • this, in turn, can reduce labour expenses
    • no infrastructure replacement expenses such as roads, driveways, paths, landscaping, building floors, other pipes, etc
  • Quick -
    • in most cases, pipe relining offers a fast pipe repair solution. Emergency repairs of sewer or stormwater drains can be carried out quickly before the matter gets worse.
    • for smaller jobs relining can take hours rather than days, and larger jobs days rather than weeks.
  • Reduced disruption to business -
    • pipe relining can be carried out around your businesses trading or shift times, meaning minimal downtime, you can get back to work sooner.
  • Relining provides corrosion resistant pipe protection
  • Minimal to no destruction of structures, buildings, and landscaping
  • New pipe within the old -
    • pipe relining doesn't just line the old pipe it creates a strong new pipe inside the broken one.
    • the lining material is actually tougher than an equivalent size PVC pipe.
    • the old pipe can totally collapse and the new one will not be affected.
  • Reline Solutions pipe relining is a long-term resolution to your broken pipe issues. Our pipe relining has a 50-year design life.

Benefits of traditional pipe replacement

There are some situations where pipe relining might not be a suitable or the most cost-effective option and traditional pipe replacement may be the way to go such as:

  • Significant sags - relining is not ideal for pipes with a significant sag issue.
  • Alignment issues - problems with pipe alignment usually need to be rectified by digging up the pipe and realigning.
  • Shallow pipes with clear or easy access - traditional dig and replace methods may be a more cost-effective option for easy to get to pipes.

Still unsure whether which option is right for your needs? Speak to our experienced team about pipe relining on 0403 355 550 or complete our quote request form today.


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