Why is drain cleaning important?

Your drains tend to be the last thing you think about when someone mentions cleaning. And that’s perfectly understandable, our busy lifestyles often mean we priorities the things that are immediate to our daily routines. Jobs, like mowing the lawn, servicing the car, and vacuuming the house, are essentials for everyday life.

Drains tend to get forgotten. Until something goes wrong, blocks up or backs up.

Once problems start to occur the drains very quickly become the top priority. All homes and businesses need a well flowing drainage system to function effectively.

The good thing with drain blockages is they usually build up over time, on the odd occasion in situations where toys have been flushed or a heavy vehicle has crushed a pipe they tend stop flowing instantly but this is not the norm.

Although this may not seem like a positive what this means is you have the chance to clear the potential clog before a total blockage occurs, averting nasty surprises like overflowing toilets or backed up stormwater drains.

Due to the hidden away aspect of the drain systems routine drain cleaning is essential to get rid of otherwise unseen problems.

Drain cleaning for business

Every business relies on a fully functioning drainage system, even if it’s just a flushing toilet and a draining sink, in order to carry out day to day operations.

Let’s look at a restaurant, for instance. A blocked drain under the main pot washing sink in the kitchen means staff can’t clean up after the lunch service so there are no pans to cook the dinner with. Very quickly a single blocked drain can put a stop to business in a cafe, restaurant, or hotel.

Another example is a nursing home or childcare facility. Both of which rely on maintaining a clean, sanitary environment for the protection of potentially at-risk residents and children using the centre. Any issues with the drainage system need to be dealt with promptly to avoid exposing the sometimes immune compromised to germs or bacteria.

In both of these cases, as well as many others, drain cleaning can be used to eliminate the risk of surprise drain blockages which allow businesses to operate without the constant worry of downtime or lost profit due to plumbing issues.

Drain cleaning is a bit more than a quick wash over. Professional drain cleaning uses a high-pressure water jetter which is fed along the drain pipe and can cut through all the stuff we often see causing clogs. Things like built up fat, oil and grease, hair, tree roots, wet wipes, sanitary items, as well as leaves, dirt and garden debris in stormwater drains.

How often should you clean your drains?

It depends on your situation and how much your drains need to remove from your home or business on an average day. For instance, if you manage a busy school once a semester or more would be practical, alternatively, if you’re a small business with only a couple of staff yearly would probably suffice. Speak to your plumber or drainage specialist for a specific drain cleaning schedule recommendation.

Stormwater drains benefit from a cleanout before periods of heavy rain (summer or winter depending on the weather in your local area). For businesses and residents in South East Queensland, we suggest a complete stormwater drain clean in October/November.

Plumbing inspections

Once cleared we urge customers to get a complete pipe inspection using a specially designed drain camera which will clearly show any potential problems like tree root intrusion, cracked pipes, as well as crushed drains or rough areas which could snag debris as it passes.

This preventative plumbing maintenance works hand-in-hand with drain cleaning to effectively manage your home or business drain systems.

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