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Choice Shonky Award goes to Kleenex 'flushable' wipes

Choice Shonky Award goes to Kleenex 'flushable' wipes

We were very happy to see the results of the annual 2015 Choice Shonky Awards this week. Kleenex was awarded 10th place for their 'flushable' wipes in this year's awards where consumer advocacy group Choice name and shame Australia's most unsound or dodgy products.

Shonky Award to Flushable Wet Wipes

Shonky products block drains

Despite water, sewage and plumbing companies the world over showing proof to the contrary the toilet paper giant continues to market its wet wipes as being flushable.

As seen in the Choice Kleenex flushable wipes test video below, the 'cleansing cloths' or wipes don't break down in water and cause drain blockages in residential drains, council sewers and waterways across the country.


We feel this Shonky Award is very well deserved. Find out more about the damage so-called 'flushable' wipes are causing - Flushable wet wipes cause blocked drains

Join the push to remove the flushable labelling of these and similar products visit the Choice Flushbusters campaign.

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