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Using a CCTV pipe inspection to uncover problems in your drains

Using a CCTV pipe inspection to uncover problems in your drains

Drainage issues are not like problems at the other end of your home’s plumbing system. If the water stops running to your home along the main water pipe it’s very quickly apparent. Drain troubles, on the other hand, tend to be harder to spot initially. This is why it’s so important to check the drainage system every now and then to ensure everything is flowing as it should.

CCTV drain inspection camera

Drains and drainage systems are quite robust. Most of them are made using tough, long-lasting products like PVC or clay which, in ideal conditions, will outlast most of us.

Problems can occur in less than ideal conditions and are often caused by something as insignificant as a very small crack in the pipe. That crack can make the internal surface of the pipe uneven, causing debris to catch which over time may create a buildup of anything travelling through the drain. (Just let that image float through your mind for a moment.)

That tiny break in the pipe can be enough to let other objects into the drain as well. Things like dirt, garden debris, and tree roots (one of the major causes of blocked drains in your garden) can creep in causing blocked drains and other drainage problems.

How to keep on top of drain problems

Being proactive with your drain maintenance, even though it’s often the last thing on your ‘To Do’ list, can prevent most problems and catch any issues before they’re blocked solid. Ultimately, this means fewer chances of emergency repairs when the drain stops running on a Saturday afternoon.

Schedule a CCTV drain inspection

A CCTV drain inspection may sound high tech but is a simple and clear way to have a thorough look at your drain system without digging it all up. Which is great because much of the plumbing often runs through hard to get to places like under the concrete slab of your house or driveways and pools.

During the inspection, your drainage specialist uses a specifically designed camera which is fed along the waste pipes recording CCTV vision of your drain system. The camera inspection allows your plumber to get a very clear look at any issues such as cracks, partial blockages, pipe collapse, or root intrusion and schedule repairs accordingly.

We recommend CCTV inspections be carried out routinely every few years, this is especially important if you have an older home or commercial building, or if you have recently had large machinery on the property. A thorough inspection is a great idea if you've recently purchased a property as well.

Other warning signs that something could be going wrong in the drains include:

  • Slow draining sink, bath, or shower
  • Stormwater accumulating in the garden
  • Bad smells coming from the drains
  • Recurring blocked drains

In all of these instances, we recommend carrying out an inspection to avoid larger problems down the track.

More information on CCTV camera drain inspections can be found here - Plumbing Inspections

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