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Not all pipe lining is equal

Not all pipe lining is equal

At Reline Solutions we have put a lot of research and industry knowledge into choosing our products and machinery. Our team have witnessed and had to fix, many issues where substandard products have been used to reline pipes. This video is a good example of a failed pipe lining and our subsequent repairs.

The bubbling of the old, inferior lining, which is just a few years old, is a common site. The lining comes away from the pipe and eventually fails to allow for leaks, root intrusion and other pipe issues. Unfortunately, for this homeowner, their pipe relining is needing to be replaced again.

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Our relining process starts with the initial inspection which is carried out with our CCTV Drain Camera to find out the extent of the lining failure and the repairs needed.

We have then used the Robotic Cutter to remove the old lining ensuring the pipe is clear of all debris to allow the new pipe lining to 100% adhere to the pipe. This is then cleared and cleaned with the use of high-pressure water jetting.

Then the new lining can be put in place. We use either GFRP UV Pipe Lining or Inversion Pipe Lining to line the pipe. In this instance, we used Brawoliner inversion pipe lining which has been designed and engineered to last 50 years providing the homeowners with half a century of trouble free pipes.

For more information on quality, lasting pipe relining in your home or business call Jason today on 0403 355 550 or complete our quote request form.

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