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How to repair a drain pipe under the swimming pool without digging

How to repair a drain pipe under the swimming pool without digging

Discovering there's a leak in a drain under your swimming pool is not a fun experience. It's definitely not a problem most homeowners would like to contemplate, however, discovering the drain which runs under the swimming pool is leaking happens more often than you'd like to think.

Swimming pool drain pipe repair

Placing an above ground swimming pool or the surrounding paving or decking over a major sewage or storm water drain has been known to occur, often in older houses where the plumbing plans are not known or pipes and drains haven't been correctly located.

Nobody expects that they will need to get to those drains anyway, what could possibly happen to a pipe protected by 30-70 cms of dirt and thousands of litres of water?

In a word, lots.

IMPORTANT: Reline Solutions can fix sewer pipes running under a ppol, but we do not repair pool pipes.

Common drain problems

One of the most common drain issues we encounter is tree root intrusion, yes that same beautiful shade tree which prevents the pool from becoming a warm bath in the middle of summer could be wreaking havoc with your pipes under your manicured buffalo grass.

The second issue we often find is pipe damage, often from the very equipment which was used to install the swimming pool in the first place. Heavy machinery can crack or crush drains simply by driving over the ground above the pipe leading to leaks and blocking the path of wastewater.

Poorly layed or very old pipes can sustain damage over time causing them to break and leak household wastewater into the surrounding soil. Potentially creating further issues with ground movement and often seeping everything that goes down the sink and toilet in your home into the garden.


Luckily, moving the swimming pool or pulling apart the deck and paving is not the only repair option you have thanks to modern pipe relining technology.

Repairing a broken pipe under a swimming pool, or any other major structure in your garden, is now fairly straightforward and thankfully doesn't involve digging up huge areas of the yard.

An experienced drain repair team will first inspect the pipe with a drain camera to find the exact location of the issue and to get a clear picture of the damage and repair requirements. Often a blockage caused by the damaged pipe if found during this initial inspection. The clog must be cleared before any work can be carried out. This can easily be done using a high-pressure water jet or a small robotic cutter.

The pipe may be inspected again using the drain camera to ensure all debris has been cleared away and to double-check repair details.

Your drain specialists will then place either a pipe patch or, if there is a large area of damaged pipe, a section of long-lasting pipe lining through the nearest access point, positioning the patch or liner inside the crack or break. The liner is then hardened in place to form a strong inner layer which provides a durable new pipe inside the old pipe broken one.

Reline Solutions uses to several different systems to repair pipes, depending on the pipe diameter and the extent of the damage. Your specialist will provide expert advice on which system is best for your drain issue.

Finding a leak underneath your pool doesn't need to mean major excavation or even draining the pool. Speak to our team for practical, straightforward drain repairs in Brisbane and south east Queensland on 0403 355 550.

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