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Why is drain cleaning important?

Why is drain cleaning important?

Any business which relies on a healthy plumbing system to carry out its day-to-day operation, such as hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, child care centres, factories, pubs, and clubs, shouldn't neglect their drains. A regular drain cleaning schedule is essential for reliable drainage and waste removal in every busy organisation.

Why is drain cleaning important?

Phrases like 'backed up drain' and 'blocked toilet' can seriously ruin your work day if it's your job to ensure the smooth running of the facility.

Even partially blocked drains can quickly lead to foul-smelling odours which, we're sure you'll agree, isn't ideal when you're sitting down to your Sunday steak at the pub.

Over time, ageing plumbing systems can experience cracks or small breaks, often within foundations or under buildings, which can quickly cause a build up of debris in the drain. These build ups frequently lead to more substantial blockages. Routine drain cleaning is critical in this situation.

If your workplace is suffering from recurring blockages a long term solution for regularly clogged drains due to cracks or pipe movement is pipe relining or pipe patching. Find out more about this process here.

There are many ways a drain can become blocked, especially in businesses which wash more than the average home down the sink, toilet, or floor drain. A common issue in industries involved in food production is a build up of fat, oil, and grease in the drain. Sometimes referred to as a 'fatberg' or 'FOG', these blockages gradually accumulate from general washing or the very bad practice of pouring old oil or fat down the drain rather than disposing of the waste responsibly.

Drain cleaning without chemicals

Regularly dumping industrial amounts of chemical drain cleaner down the pipes is bad for your budget, the environment, and the unfortunate staff member left with the job. Luckily there are several ways to keep the drains healthy and flowing freely without using harsh chemicals.

The most common method and the one our team uses most often is cleaning the drain with a high-pressure water jetter. Surprisingly, the water jetter can usually clear away all but the most solid debris and build-up in the drains.

If the water jetter isn't breaking up the clog our team use a small robotic cutter which is fed down the drain and will grind through just about anything, even concrete.

Both these methods are highly effective, environmentally friendly, and efficient.

Preventative plumbing maintenance for businesses

Preventative plumbing maintenance, like commercial drain cleaning, can avert issues before they lead to delayed shutdowns needing major work. Planning ahead also allows management to schedule work during the organisation's downtime or between shifts to avoid loss of productivity and minimise work disruptions.


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