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Drano not working in your clogged drain?

Drano not working in your clogged drain?

Finding out there’s something very solid blocking a drain in your home tends to have everyone at panic stations. If the drain clearing chemicals from the supermarket are not working, you’ve almost put your shoulder out having a crack with the plunger, and then finally tried for a good hour to move the clog with a plumbers hand or electric eel, things are probably starting to look quite grim.

Drano not working in your clogged drain?

It’s not until you have a situation like this that you realise how much the general day to day of your home routine relies on a well flowing, functioning plumbing and drainage system. Fresh clean water coming in the instant you turn on the tap to wash a cup in the kitchen sink or jump in the shower. And wastewater travelling out through the drains efficiently and effectively every time anyone flushes the toilet or pulls the bath plug.

No one wants any of that stuff to stick around any longer than it needs to.

The next step to take if you are a paid-up member of the common sense club should be to call in the professionals. Shoving anything else down the drain yourself could do more damage than good, potentially breaking the pipe or further compacting the blockage.

How the blocked drain experts can help

Your plumber or blocked drain specialist will initially want to get a clear idea of what is blocking the pipe or drain, as well as find the exact location of the problem. They'll often do this by using a specially designed drain camera to carry out a drain inspection of your drain.

The camera, fitted on a long length of cable with a bright light which provides an unobstructed image of the inside of the drain. The camera is carefully fed down the drain where your plumber can view any issues as it passes along the drain as well as the obstruction itself.

Once your drain specialist has a clear picture of the issue a plan can be made to clear the drain as well as any work which needs to be undertaken to prevent the problem from recurring.

This could involve:

  • Clearing the drain - using a water jetter or robotic cutter to free up the blockage
  • Drain cleaning - remove any other partially blocked areas
  • Repair the drain - using pipe relining or pipe patching to restore a smooth, even surface and seal up any cracks or breaks throughout the drain.

A final check using the drain camera is carried out once the work is finished to ensure the repairs will provide a long-term fix which allows the drain to flow normally for many years to come.

When you really think about all the objects and substances which are washed or flushed down the drain every day it’s actually a miracle that they don’t clog more often. Some drains cope with food scraps, soap, grease, oil, hair, paint, cement wash, and dirt on a daily basis. Add to this the inconsistent pathways created by ageing or damaged drains and a big clog is just a matter of time.

Thankfully most home plumbing systems function as smoothly as a well-oiled machine but if yours is having problems our team can help. Contact Reline Solutions if Drano is no longer working and for practical long-term drain problem results, even on hard to reach drains, on 0403 355 550 or complete our service request form today.

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