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30 trees to avoid planting to prevent damaged pipes

30 trees to avoid planting to prevent damaged pipes

Australians love the great outdoors. Every chance we get we migrate on mass to our scenic beaches, lush national parks, and beautiful mountain ranges. When we're not heading for the hills we use our free time to cultivate a little patch of nature in our own backyards. Each weekend local nursery's are flooded with the green and not so green thumbs ready to nurture small seedlings into thriving bushes. Regrettably, not all tree's are suited to a home garden environment. Some beautiful little saplings can grow up to be giant structure wrecking problems.

Trees to avoid to prevent damaged pipes

Plant wisely

Making smart, educated decisions as to which plants to include in your garden needs to extend further than shade, drought hardiness and how many leaves they will or won't drop in the pool. Thinking about the full life of the plant before you start digging could save on potential costs from blocked drains, damaged sewer pipes, pulling up driveways and paths in the long term.

Tree varieties which commonly lead to damaged drains

Some trees are on the definitely DO NOT plant list, these include:

These varieties are slightly less invasive but still not recommended to plant in your garden or near drainage systems. Avoid:

The following trees and plants are not ideal for planting around your home or drains.

Root systems strong enough to crack drain pipes and more

Many of these plants have very strong, extensive root systems which will hunt down any water or nutrient source they can, often quite a distance away. This includes moisture escaping from small cracks in broken pipes and drains, the damp area's under pathways or foundations, and stormwater run-off areas.

The destructive power of root systems can destroy fences, retaining walls, patio paving, pool infrastructure, completely block drains, and even your home's foundations. Better choices for around the garden are smaller, slower growing trees and shrubs which have shallower root systems. Ask your plant nursery specialist or landscaper for recommendations.

Definitely avoid planting anything within 3 metres of sewer drains and stormwater pipes to reduce the incidence of pipe movement, cracked pipes and blocked drains from tree root intrusion.

Please note - This list is not comprehensive, consult your local garden centre for advice on which plants are ideal for Brisbane garden planting.

Is all this information coming a few years too late for you? Is your garden already invading the drains and sewers? We can help clear blocked drains, call Jason on 0403 355 550 or complete the quote request form today

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