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Reline Solutions are Brisbane's drain specialists, offering a complete professional drain cleaning service for slow draining, smelly, or clogged drains. Our experienced team can clear just about anything from your drains, from built up kitchen waste to garden dirt and debris.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Why use a professional drain cleaning service?

As drain and sewer pipes get older they will start to get cracks due to the ageing of the pipe and the shifting of the ground around them. Once a drain is cracked it is only a matter of time before tree roots find their way in. These roots will slowly expand within the pipe and collect debris etc until they create a drain blockage. This could lead to a call to an emergency plumber when your toilet or shower starts to overflow.

By hiring Reline Solutions to carry out a full plumbing inspection using a drain camera, we can identify any areas that are cracked and damaged. We can then repair this damage before it becomes a more serious and urgent problem.

Clean drains are critical to business

If you are a business that relies on well-functioning drains and sewers; then regular plumbing inspections and drain cleaning is critical. This doesn't just include the obvious businesses like factories etc, but also hotels, restaurants, and child care centres to name a few. Over the years we have been called to hotels that have had to shut down an area due to overflowing toilets, and factories that have needed to cease production due to backed up drains.

If these businesses had regular plumbing inspections and drain cleaning this situation could have been avoided.

But don't forget about stormwater

Imagine if your stormwater drains have become blocked (even partially) since the last wet season. You wouldn't know until the first summer storm appeared and your business flooded from backed up storm water. A plumbing inspection and drain cleaning in the last 12 months can prepare your business for the worst of the weather.

Reasons for regular drain cleaning

Consider scheduling regular drainage inspections and cleaning to:

  • Stop a nearly blocked drain becoming fully blocked at the worst possible time.
  • Minimise health risks from sewer pipes leaking into the surrounding ground, or backing up and overflowing.
  • Ensure your stormwater system is clear and ready to handle a summer storm without problems
  • Prevent business closure whilst a badly blocked drain is cleared and repaired.

How do we carry out drain clearing?

After identifying any blockages or build up of debris in your drains or sewers, we decide on the best way to clear it. This is normally achieved through high-pressure water jetting. Water jetting involves positioning a high-pressure hose with a special jet nozzle down your drain or sewer. The water pressure coming out of this nozzle is sufficient to clear away all but the most solid blockages.

In the case of a solid blockage, we will use a robotic cutter. This tool has a customised cutting head which is placed in the pipe and controlled remotely using a camera. Once we have positioned it at the blockage the rotating cutting head will cut through pretty much anything.

So you now have a clean, cleared drain - all without digging up your property.

Drainage solutions Brisbane

If you need drain cleaning or clearing, simply contact Jason on 0403 355 550 or complete our drain cleaning quote request today.

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