Drain Repair and Pipe Repair

Long term fix for cracked and broken drains

Our team specialise in providing long lasting repairs for damaged or split drains or sewer pipes throughout south-east Queensland. Modern trenchless technology allows us to identify problems in your drainage system and repair them; all without the need to dig up the pipe, providing a cost effective solution for difficult to get to plumbing problems.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Most plumbers can dig up your existing pipe and replace it, but this isn't always the best solution. Especially if the pipe in question goes under permanent structures or you just don't want to deal with the mess and inconvenience involved in excavation. That's where no-dig pipe repairs come in handy.

Pipeline rehabilitation solutions

We have several different no-dig pipe fix solutions available and each has its own purpose.

Pipe patching

This involves inserting a specially designed patch, which has been impregnated with an epoxy resin, inside the pipe with a DrainPacker and then inflating it into place. This is then allowed to cure to create a strong, long lasting pipe repair solution - all without digging.

This method is ideal for a pipe which only has a small area of damage.

Find out more about pipe patching.

Inversion pipe relining

The inversion process requires a pipe liner to be impregnated with an epoxy and then blown into the broken pipe with a special machine that inverts the liner as it is fed into the drain. This liner is then cured and any junctions etc cut out to give you a drain which is as good as new.

Inversion pipe relining
Inversion pipe relining

This process is excellent for pipes between 40mm and 225mm as well as those with several bends or junctions.

Find out more about inversion pipe relining.

(GFRP) Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic UV Liner

This is a structural liner that is pulled into position in a pipe and then cured using UV light. It is designed for large straight pipes between 150mm and 1350mm, so is perfect for large diameter drains like sewer or stormwater pipes.

Find out more about GFRP UV Pipe Relining.

Leaking drain repair service

These processes are especially useful for drains with recurring blockage issues as they all provide long term repairs, often lasting more than 50 years, meaning you don't have to get the pipe cleared every 6 months.

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