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Drain Repair Toowoomba

Your local pipe repair specialist

We repair pipes without the need to dig up your property, this is ideal for damaged drains under buildings, established gardens, roads and other structures. We focus entirely on drain repair and offer the latest in trenchless technology allowing us to provide long-term repair solutions for our customers in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas.

Fix the Problem, Not just the Symptom

Using pipe relining for drain repairs

Pipe relining and patching is a process where a new pipe liner in placed into an existing pipe to create a tough layer sealing any cracks or breaks. This not only gives the pipe a new smooth finish so waste solids don't become stuck but also reinforces the existing pipe. With an engineered design life of 50 years, our drain repair gives you a pipe as good as new.

Pipe repairs
Pipe repairs using pipe relining

Advantages of no-dig pipe rehabilitation

  • versatile - our team can repair all styles of pipes including:
    • clay pipes
    • PVC or plastic
    • concrete
  • fast - work can be carried out as soon as the issue is located without needing to dig trenches or access holes
  • long lasting - guaranteed half a century of drain protection
  • strong - the new pipe liner or patch is incredibly tough and will withstand external pressure from tree roots as well as internal wear and tear from chemicals, debris, and sewage.

Sewer restoration specialists in Toowoomba

For complete, long-term drain repairs throughout Toowoomba contact Reline Solutions on 0403 355 550 or complete our quote request form today.

Our drain repair services include:

Local Drain Pipe Repair in Toowoomba

Not Just Drain Pipe Repair in Toowoomba

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“We had a large quantity of concrete grout in our 100 mm stormwater drainage in the airport link tunnel. The cost was in the millions to replace it conventionally. Reline Solutions robotically cut out the concrete and relined the services, returning it to its original state. They saved us million...

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