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CCTV inspections of all pipes, drains, and sewers

Uncover what is really going on in your plumbing with a comprehensive drain inspection from Reline Solutions. We have all the latest equipment to do a full CCTV pipe inspection of your drainage system. Our experienced team can identify any problem areas, pipe damage, or blockages and provide long-term solutions for each issue.

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We have all your drain and pipe needs covered across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast.

What's involved in a drain inspection?

Drain Camera for Plumbing Inspections
Drain camera

A drain inspection is performed by sending down a specially designed drain camera. This is essentially a CCTV (or closed circuit TV) system with a camera placed at the end of a long flexible rod. The operator places this rod in the drain system to view the entire length of the pipe. If our team identify any problem areas, they will make a note for future playback, allowing them to work out the best repair solution as well as the exact location of the issue.

Before we had drain cameras a plumber had to take a rough guess as to what and where the problem was and then start digging. With a modern CCTV drain inspection camera, we can easily work out exactly what and where the problem is and then formulate the most effective solution to fix the issue; all without having to dig your property.

Then in most cases, our drain specialists can fix the problem without digging as well.

What will the inspection identify?

CCTV Drain Inspections to identify problems
Drain inspection

Plumbing inspections will not only identify blockages but also whether the pipe has deteriorated in any areas which could lead to issues in the near future. Some of the specific problems a CCTV pipe inspection can identify are:

  • blocked drains
  • cracked or broken drains
  • tree root intrusion
  • squashed pipes
  • deterioration of pipes
  • foreign objects causing blockages
  • a failed pipe-lining

An inspection can also be used to accurately locate and map out drainage pipes throughout your property.

Once our team have identified any issues, we can recommend the best solution. If it is a blockage, our powerful water jetting equipment can have it fixed in no time. If it is a crack or deteriorated pipe, we can normally fix this with our state of the art pipe relining equipment. All without having to dig up your property.

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