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BOOK A Plumbing Inspection Specialist in Logan

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Reline Solutions can do your plumbing inspection, Logan, however, we’re not plumbers. We specialise in draining inspections and drain cleaning. We can find the exact location and identify any blockages in your pipes by using the latest technology in CCTV inspection equipment.

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What is a drain inspection?

In the past, if you had a suspected blockage in your pipes, you would call a plumber. He would then take an educated guess at where the blockage may be located, and start digging from there. If his estimate was inaccurate, he would have to continue digging until the correct location was found.

Reline Solutions can do a complete plumbing inspection without digging up your yard. We use a specially designed CCTV (closed circuit TV) camera, mounted on wheels, with a flexible rod attached to one end. We send the camera slowly through your pipes, allowing us a full view of the interior. If we see a blockage or any damage, pictures are taken for us to then examine and decide upon the best solution to fix the problem.

CCTV Inspection

Through the use of the CCTV inspection camera, we can make a full assessment of the inside of your drain pipes, identify any problems and plan the best way to fix it. In most cases, all of this is done without the inconvenience of digging up your backyard.

When do you need a plumbing inspection?

We recommend a plumbing inspection to identify and fix any suspected damage or deterioration to drain pipes, before they become an emergency. The most common problems we identify through a general drain inspection includes:

  • Blocked drains - where debris going through the pipes has become lodged.
  • Cracked drains - this is common through age and movement of the surrounding ground.
  • Tree root intrusion - once there’s a crack, tree roots grow through, in search of moisture.
  • Squashed pipes - there may have been above-ground work done using heavy equipment.
  • Deterioration of pipes - commonly found in older pipes.
  • Foreign objects causing blockages - sometimes the wrong things may be flushed down the toilet or sink.
  • Or, when putting in a pool or building an extension, it’s good to know where the existing pipes run.

After we’ve carried out the plumbing inspection, we can plan the best solution for any problems found. In the case of a blockage, we can use high power water jetting or a robotic cutter. For pipe damage, we suggest a pipe reline to prevent any problems in the future.

Most importantly; all of this can usually be done without digging up your premises.

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Call Jason at Reline Solutions on 0403 355 550, or fill in a quote request form online for our CCTV drain inspections.

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